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Q: Are you American?


Many people have heard me talk about my life growing up in the Caribbean. However, my mother flew to Chicago, her hometown, to give birth to me. So yes, I am American. I have now been living in the US since I was 18 and attended college.


Q: You're so lucky. What was it like growing up in the Caribbean?


I always wanted the winter! I'm not kidding. Especially around Christmastime, I longed to be in a cabin watching the snow fall and drinking hot chocolate around a fire. Though I had never experienced that as a child, it just seemed right. I loved watching movies about people shivering in the snow. HA!


Q: So, you say you have always loved to write. Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?


Whenever I am asked this question, my answer is always the same. When I was seven years old, a short story I wrote was published in my school yearbook. I was sooo excited! From that day, I knew I would always write. However, I thought of writing as a hobby. It wasn't until I finally finished my first novel in 2014 that I decided I could do this full-time as a career.


Q: Why young-adult books? And how did you come up with the idea for A Red Tale?


I believe kids should get back into reading. It's all about TV, video games, and the Internet nowadays. But nothing really beats a good book. I think if there were more interesting books for kids, they would be reading more. I also like to write for young adults because they are still learning, growing, and figuring out what their own opinions and beliefs are. A Red Tale explores spirituality, past lives, fantasy, and love. These are topics I hope young adults will think about more in this day and age where everything revolves around living in the moment.


Q: Your second novel, Santa;, seems very dark and tackles a subject that is very real. Were you affected by cyberbullying?


It may be hard to read, but it's realistic. This is happening. I wasn't cyber bullied because I grew up in a time when the Internet was just being born, but I was bullied in school as young as four years old. It's a serious problem, and it isn't going away. I wrote Santa; to raise awareness.


Q: Who are your favorite writers and what is your favorite book?


The authors that have influenced my writing are Anne Lamott, Ursula K. Le Guin, Madeleine L’Engle, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. One Hundred Years of Solitude has been my favorite book since I read it in college!


Q: Ebook or printed book?


I've never met an author who prefers ebooks over the good old printed words on a page. But I have to be honest, I love my Kindle when I'm traveling.