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3 Easy Ways To Relieve Anxiety Before Your Work Day

* Original article published on The Huffington Post

You feel yourself reaching out, half-asleep, hitting the snooze button with your eyes shut. But just when you think you can sleep for 10 more minutes, the feelings flood your mind—worry, restlessness, tension. You know you have a full day ahead of you, and the thought of dealing with certain colleagues, clients, or customers robs you of any peaceful moments you have left underneath the warm sheets. You run your day through your head—the emails that have to be written, the calls that have to be made, the work that needs to be done. It seems daunting. Your anxiety laughs at you in your mind before you even make it to the bathroom to brush your teeth… You know the feeling, right?

Thankfully, there are (yes, there are!) ways to curb your fear and relax before you begin your work day. And the key to creating peace is to become aware of your thoughts and have the time to actively work to acknowledge and change them.

Wake Up 20 Minutes Earlier

Waking up earlier gives you time to plan your day, reflect during alone time, and not have to hurry to get ready and out the door. Rushing breeds anxiety and doesn’t allow your mind to plan and process the day ahead effectively. Most people hit the snooze button a couple of times before actually getting out of bed. And that’s OK if that’s your thing. If you can’t give up that routine, just set your alarm clock a little earlier so you’re able to hit snooze and still get up with time to take it slowly. Twenty minutes is the right amount of time to enjoy your coffee, write in your journal or watch a little TV, and set your intentions for the day. The trick is not to think about getting ready for work at all until your 20 minutes is up. Pretend it’s Sunday.

Set A Morning Mantra

Ever hear the phrase “Thoughts create things”? How about “You are what you think about”? Still not ringing a bell? Surely you have heard “Mind over matter.” Well, they are all related. The best way to feel positive in the morning is to pay attention to what you are thinking. If this seems hard, try setting a daily affirmation and repeating it to yourself upon waking. It can be as simple as “I feel good today” or “Today is going to be a great day.” Pay attention to your mind. Keep repeating the mantra until you start to believe it. If negative thoughts come into your mind, push them aside with your positive mantra and continue practicing. After a while, you will find it much easier to wake up and get through your day, and your tasks will seem effortless.

Implement A Healthy Start

Whether you like yoga or meditation to clear your mind, or green smoothies and sweat sessions to fuel your body, practice something that contributes to your overall health before you start worrying about what’s happening at the office. Use your 20 minutes of alone time, incorporate your mantra, and begin a routine of “feel-good mornings.” Nothing should be more important to you than your well-being, and getting a healthy start to the day will make you feel refreshed even when you know there will be challenges at work. Make yourself a priority, and know that there is no greater way to attract positive energy than to recognize the source: your light within.

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