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Coronavirus Update

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Hi All,

Since we (most big cities in the country) are at home during this quarantine, I thought I would update everyone on what's going on in NYC since it's getting pretty serious.

Every day I wake up and try to hold off putting on the news. But I do check a website with coronavirus stats. And every day, the infected numbers rise. And by rise, I mean rise by the thousands. This week, 2 new things happened: a man in my neighborhood committed suicide, and I read about a person I know who died from the virus. A man who had a family and was not considered elderly.

When I hear about all the healthcare workers, policemen, and sanitation workers who are still working, it makes me so emotional. If you're not staying home, think of these people who are risking their lives for you, and think again. You have everything you need at home. You have electricity. You have internet. You have Facebook and IG and every other social network that you can check all day long. We are privileged to be able to say this.

Have you ever been without these luxuries? I have. Growing up in the Caribbean, I have lived through several bad hurricanes, and one that put us out of electricity for 6 months and water for 3 months. We were also forced to stay at home, a place which now had no windows, and doors that were blown open. We also could not drive anywhere even if we wanted to because the streets were blocked by fallen trees and debris. Going outside was dangerous, but staying at home was dangerous too. Not having a safe place to relax was scary and confusing.

So when I start to go stir crazy at home right now, I think of everything I have and how bad it could be again. If you find it hard to stay home during this coronavirus pandemic, think about how much worse it could be. Think about the people who have to go out of their homes to work around the clock risking their lives and missing their families so your loved ones stay healthy.

Let's help these families feel the love. That's really the point of this post. Donate money. Send food. Send supplies. And if you can't do any of those things, just stay home and know you are making a difference.

Stay safe and healthy.

XO, Nicola


West Side Highway, downtown NYC 3/26/2020


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